Complex development "Masany"

Complex development "Masany"

Contact person:Horbatov Valerii
Location / State: Ukraine, district within the Nezalezhnosti, Vyzvolyteliv and Liubetska streets in Chernihiv city
Category:Other Services
Category type:Sell
Company name:Chernihivbudinvest
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Posted:1 year ago

A detailed plan of the area foresees the construction of apartment buildings with social purposes (schools for 1600 students (based on the 2nd and 3rd districts), 2 kindergardens with swimming pools for 75 people each, pharmacies, hairdressers, post offices, banks, gyms, clubs, rooms for cultural work, art schools, libraries, consumer services, shopping center with total area of 5.0 thousand square m, food and non-food shops, objects of engineering services, etc.)
Project area:18,2512 ha