Electrofusion and butt fitting

Electrofusion and butt fitting

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Electrofusion and but fittings for polyethylene pipe.
We propose:
1. Electrofusion coupling
2. Electrofusion reducer
3. Electrofusion elbow
4. Electofusion end cap
5. Tapping tee
6. Electrofusion saddle
7. Electrofusion coupling PE-RT
8. Electrofusion reducer PE-RT
9. Transition PE/Steel
10. Transition coupling PE/Steel
11. Transition PE/Steel with a plastic tube
12. Spigot flance adaptor
13. Spigot elbow
14. Spigot reduder
15. Spigot tee
16. Flance spigot adaptor

Our company produce Electrofusion and butt fittings for polyethylene pipes. The main direction of activity - manufacturing and wholesale the products for the installation and construction of a polyethyelene gas and water pipes, which combines electro and butt-welding. Product qulity is achieved through the using of modern equipment for monitoring production steps.
We invite potential customers to visit our manufacturing, laboratory and we confident - our products will meet all your requirements.