Establishment of elevator

Establishment of elevator

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Location / State: Ukraine, 9, Sadova str., Horbove village, Kulykivskyi raion, Chernihiv oblast., 16311
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Company name:Private industrial-commercial enterprise "JNL
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The project is the second turn on the creation of an industrial complex for processing wheat and corn, according to which it is planned to build a granary complex, open shop of the combined fodder for processing grain, installation of mill with 100 ton/per day capacity of wheat, as well as open production facilities for the manufacture of flour. The whole project will be implemented for 15 years with phased production facilities commissioning.
During the implementation of the second phase of the project the conditions for storing of 12 thosand tons of grain will be created. In addition to grain processing, the company will provide services to agricultural enterprises grain storage and preparation for storage (cleaning, drying) grain.

Except grain processing, the company will provide services of storage, cleaning and drying of grain to agricultural enterprises.

Many years of experience at the grain market in Ukraine, the availability of availability of material and technical base, the presence of developed business relationships with farmers of the region, high demand for wheat flour and cereals, the presence of profitable business that can provide partial financing of own funds and the high reputation of the enterprise as a business partner will lead the company to the successful realization of this project.

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