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Company name:Ste RTAE
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Posted:2 years ago

Dear Sir,

It is my pleasure to present you our Gold offer. We have available Gold Dust and Gold Bars for sale. We sell our Gold at the price of US$ 28.000 per kg. We shall send you our FCO upon your request.


A) COMMODITY: AurumUtalium (AU)
B) FORM: Gold Bar.( 500 Gram-1KG)
C) Purity: 96% as Minimum Value
D) Fineness: 22 Carats plus.
E) QUANTITY: 100kg
F) Price: 28.000 U.S.D. per kg
G) ASSAY: The final assay of the product will be conducted at Buyer’s refinery
H) ORIGIN: Burkina Faso.
I) Shipment: Buyer comes to Benin to view the product and then pays export taxes for the quantity he wants to buy.

Buyer must come to Benin to view and confirm the existence of our product. Meet and know our staff to establish a good and long term business relationship with us and then pays only the export taxes for the Gold to be shipped to his destination. We pay commissions of $1000 per each kg.

Please kindly confirm in writing your satisfaction with our procedures and let us know with which quantity your buyers intend to start with as we can deliver up to 200 per month for a period of One Year.

While expecting to get your prompt response to this offer, accept our profound sentiments.

Best Regards

Dr. KUPA Johnson
Tel: +229 66 35 96 20

Our company deals in mining and the sales of Gold in all forms being Gold Dust, Gold Bars and Gold Nuggets. We are looking for potentiel buyers and sales partners (agents).