The land plot

The land plot

Contact person:Zazulchenkov I.
Location / State: Ukraine, Chernigiv
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Category type:Sell
Company name:Chernihiv City Council
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Posted:1 year ago

The land plot on the Voloymyr Drozd str.
Location:Volodymyra Drozda str., Chernihiv city
Project area: 0,9133 ha
Project objective: The quadrangle plot is unbiuld and situated in the city zone
Owner:Chernihiv City Council
Building purpose: for construction and operation all premises for process manufacturing, mechanical engineering or other industries
Direction of use: industrial usage
Type of investment: sale of the lease rights
Extra information: – entrance to the plot carried out on the existing street network;
– on the land restriction (encumbrance) is absent (not been established);

Transport and logistics infrastructure:
distance to Kiev - 156 km
nearest border crossing point "Novi Yarylovychi" (Belarus) – 70 km, "Senkivka"(Russia) – 90 km
nearest highway Kiev – Chernihiv – Novi Yarylovychi (М-01) – 6,0 km
nearest railway station "Chernihiv" – 6,7 km
nearest international airport "Boryspil" – 146 km

Chernihiv City Council