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    Frequetly Asked Questions

    What is the process of getting my proposal published?


    It’s very simple to post your own proposal. Click on Post Proposal button, fill out information about your business proposal and your company and submit for approval to the Business Bridge administrator. Once the administrator reviews your proposal it will be automatically posted within 24 hours.

    Is there an option of editing text of a posted proposal?


    Since there is no need to sing up for this portal, the option of editing a proposal is unable. You can request changes by contacting Administrator in Contact Us form or create one more proposal if it differs from your previous one.

    How can I find out that another company is interested in my proposal?


    Each proposal page has Contact button. If someone comes across your proposal and interested in starting business with you, they will be able to send you email directly from the portal. Make sure you leave correct contact information when posting your proposal.

    Should I reply to all email notifications that come from Business Bridge?


    There are some automatic email notifications from Business Bridge that don’t need a reply, for example when Administrator posts your proposal online.
    But you can also get an email as a reply from another company to your business proposal. It is the most important and you are encouraged to reply as soon as possible. The email of a sender will be indicated there.


    Subscription allows you to get email notifications once a commercial proposal is posted on the portal by some other company.



    We are responsive! Just send a mesage if you have a question or suggestion for us.