Cooperation with ledapharma

Cooperation with ledapharma

Contact person:Oğuz Dere
Location / State: Ukraine, KOCAELİ
Category:Health & BeautyOther Services
Category type:Sell
Company name:Ledapharma
Total sum of contacts received:0
Posted:4 years ago

Hi, I am a sales representative of ledapharma, we produce products such as supplement, multivitamin, fish oil in Turkey. Our company is one of the best companies in Turkey. We are selling to some countries abroad and we would like to do business with you as a neighbouring country. I'd be happy to share the details with you.

Leda Pharma fulfills its mission of ‘contributing to quality of life through the development of innovative pharmaceutical products and the provision of pharmaceutical products that provide different medical needs.

Our company adheres to all laws, regulations, rules that concern corporate activities, and in accordance with the priciples stated, acts with the highest ethical standards and effective social common sense that are appropriate for a company that conducts business activities that affect humal lives.