Transport company

Transport company

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Company name:GUNSEL
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Bus transportation «GUNSEL»

The company «GUNSEL» transports on the territory of Ukraine in four areas: Kyiv-Kharkiv, Kiev-Odessa, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kherson. All races take place in the comfortable and cozy interiors buses MAN and
NEOPLAN. These buses are equipped with orthopedic chairs that allow passengers to feel comfortable during transport, the television system and Wi-Fi, and passenger seats are equipped with USB-connectors.

Cargo transportation «GUNSEL»

The company «GUNSEL» provides daily transportation throughout Ukraine. More than 100 offices in more than 60 cities of Ukraine is carried out sending and receiving packages, parcels, securities package fragile items as well as items of non-standard sizes and oversized cargoes of various kinds. Besides, on customer’s request, , “Gunsel” company performs courier baggage delivery.

International delivery «GUNSEL»

The company «GUNSEL» provides a range of services to international destinations: international import / export of cargo; express delivery of small cargo and cargo of 100 kg all over the world; transportation of personal belongings and small cargo; customs brokerage services.

The company «GUNSEL» is a leader in the field of auto transportation. The company's activity was a real breakthrough in the domestic market of transportation services. Professionalism, quality, efficiency, responsibility and a high level of comfort and service is the fundamental strategy of the company «GUNSEL». At present, the company «GUNSEL» provides cargo and passenger transportation across Ukraine and in 4 directions. In 2015 was opened international delivery with a wide range of services.