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TREND Law Office, has started its activities in Ankara/Turkey in order to provide services for the solutions and the process claimed in the national and international arena of legal disputes.

On the legal issues and disputes that we may possibly encounter, we perform legal counseling, advocacy and even if necessary the expert witness missions for the subject to be resolved rapidly in accordance with the law and justice, with close dialogue and necessary communication with every degree of judicial bodies, administrative organizations, real persons, the public and private entities and institutions, ultimately targeting perseveringly justifiable resolutions.

In our law office we are able to serve the legal process as claimed in foreign languages, in high degree of English, Russian and Georgian and Turkish languages. In addition, we have been cooperating closely with law firms from the surrounding communities and countries of the Black Sea region (Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Belorussia and Bulgaria) that specialize in a similar manner of law and legislation in that area.

As your legal advisors and your gild edged lawyers, we would like to state that we are loyal to all ethics and morals laws in accordance, also the way we work in legal community always depends on justifiable professional work ethics and morality.

Our principles in the beginning of every issue are to protect our CLIENTS RIGHTS AND THEIR FAVOUR, and TO ENSURE RETURN AND REFUND OF THE RIGHTS that were taken or disseized from them. Our mission is to ACT FAIRLY in all issues and impose the sense of justice to all levels of the judiciary and to society, briefly stated, PROCURE ACCEPTANCE by everyone.

Our Law office and business partners around, provides services and consultancy not only to the firms with international reputation but also to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. With close and personal service to our clients we strive to provide quick and effective solutions to the claimed legal issues as soon as possible.

Both for the small disputes occurring in the near environment and the large disputes, we show and strive to trace a practical, rational and constructive approach for solutions needed.

As in Turkey's neighboring countries and in various places in the world, when you need a partner or rightful hand to move as your partner in the business activities in Turkey in conduct with real persons, commercial entities and activities, legal entities and entrepreneurs for in the sphere of Law of Obligations, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Family Law, Labor Law, Law of Information and Technology, Construction Contracts, Turnkey Contract and Agency/Subcontracts Agreements, Trademark and Patent Law, Private International Law, Immigration and Naturalization Law, and many more other areas intertwined with each other that need in-depth examination of the case or the petition stages, expert evaluation report, file tracking, legal advice and if necessary an interpreter (Russian, English, Turkish, Georgian, ) we are able to carry on those activities on your behalf .

In rapidly emerging global trade and international markets, we have been shaping our consulting services to help our clients achieve their operations, taking into consideration the real needs of clients. We are drawing appropriate road map for each unique legal issue in accordance of their nature and effort to provide solutions searched.

Where necessary, carrying out "field" operations for profoundly understanding matter of subject - within the knowledge that how important is one to one communication and with a sense of responsibility work to achieve effective and ultimately successful outcome is our main target.

Keeping pace with technology to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, by connecting documents and info on-line as needed, we provide a great advantage to our clients by quickly performing the necessary transactions by means of mobile devices. In addition, we also try to provide job monitoring and interactivity of the clients by the monitoring program that allows the transmission of regular information on judicial functioning and processing matters our clients involved.